Need to make your own newspaper? You’re in the right place.

BuildANewspaper.com makes it easy for you to make an amazing newspaper in minutes.

Popular Uses

You’ll find newspaper templates made for:

  • Small businesses owners who want to send out professional business newsletters
  • Teachers who want to engage students in more inquiry-based instruction and collaborative learning
  • Students who want to wow their teachers with A+ newspaper projects
  • Families who want a fun way to share announcements, holiday and Christmas letters
  • Family members who want to highlight someone’s life as a front page news stories

 Moneyback guarantee

Finally… You can make a newspaper you can be proud of in 5 minutes!

Before BuildANewspaper.com, it was hard to make a newspaper. You had to spend hours putting your newspaper together from scratch. Plus, you had to be a computer expert or you didn’t stand a chance.

So in 2008, Scott created Build a Newspaper to make it easy for anyone to make a beautiful newspaper.

“When I couldn’t find quality newspaper templates that were easy to use, I created inexpensive Microsoft Word templates, modeled after a city newspaper. Now everyone can create a realistic newspaper.”

Newspaper writer, award-winning teacher, and founder of BuildaNewspaper.com

Explore our newspaper templates that will let you make a newspaper in just 5 minutes.


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